Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sudan cavalry... and a new flag for an old unit...

Just a short post to show the newest British cavalry to join the forces of Queen Victoria in the Sudan... these are the mounted component of the figures used to represent the first troop of the West Sussex Yeomanry, and will join the figures I showed previously (second troop) in forming a squadron should I need them on the battlefield... I have a yearning to return to the sandy wastes after the recent AWI campaign game so may well set something up soon.

Voting also having closed (for which thanks to the 32 of you who did), I can also share photo's of the militia with their new colours! These won by 17 votes to 15...

A truly fine sight, and I think well deserved - though I suspect DG may not agree!


  1. A fine sight indeed ... It'll look a treat on our mess wall :o)

  2. They look very handsome. The standard looks well too. I think I'm going to have to look into specialised standards for my Napoleonics. It's something I notice that the original old schoolers did, all their units had particular names.

  3. I preferred the other flag . . . but this one is good too.

    -- Jeff