Saturday, November 14, 2009

AWI challenge.... way of a small diversion - a little challenge for you... smileys

Your name is Nataniel Greene, Major General in the US army, and you are commander of a small force of troops on some God forsaken hill (the locals call it Hobkirk) in the middle of nowhere (a.k.a southern Carolina), faced by a similar sized force of British commanded troops under the command of Colonel Lord Rawdon.

Your forces are as follows (you can tell what quality by the strength/morale difference):

1st Brigade (Williams)

  • 1st Maryland 4/4 (Strength/Morale)
  • 5th Maryland 5/5
  • 2 x 6 pdr. Guns each @ 5/4

2nd Brigade (Hugel)

  • 4th Virginia 5/5
  • 5th Virginia 5/5


  • Militia 4/2

The British have:

1st Brigade (Turnbull)

  • 63rd Foot (British foot) 4/5
  • Kings Americans 4/4
  • NY Volunteers 5/4
  • 6 pdr. 5/5

2nd Brigade (Rawdon -

  • Volunteers 5/4
  • Militia 4/3

Your surroundings/dispositions are as per the following (no change to initial dispositions are allowed). Click on the graphic for a bigger view...

In game terms:

  • the British start as moving player,
  • they have managed to approach within very close range of your forces by using the cover of the (open) wood (I used 9" for my rules - to put it in context maximum range for muskets in the rules is 6")
  • they are at bottom of a (gentle) slope, whilst you are at the top..
  • all artillery is deployed

So - what are your orders?

Like I say - just a little fun with a scenario that I found whilst doing some housekeeping on my new PC - amazing what you keep! I remember playing this game solo - the result was un-historic, and that's all I'll say.. smileys

For reference:

Wikipedia article..


  1. Hi Steve
    I small gem! I am thinking to play it by transferring the action to the Campaign of Leipzig in 1813.
    All the units must be German speakers, so U.S. forces will be Prussian (Regular and Landwehr) whereas Confederation of the Rhine troops will play for the British.
    Some indication about yor Moral/Strength rates?

  2. Ola Rafa... sure, I use Will McNally's rules so from his web site:

    " Strength Points
    Each unit is allocated a number of strength points depending on its actual strength.

    Full strength units are rated as having 5 strength points. To represent under strength units reduce this by 1 point for each 20% under strength.
    Units whose strength points fall to zero or less are considered to have become ineffective and are removed from the table."

    ..and for morale..

    A units morale is its current strength plus the following modifiers depending on unit type:-

    European Grenadiers +2
    Other European Regulars +1
    American Regular Rifles -1
    Militia -1 or -2
    Indians -2
    Wagons etc. -4 "

    ...that should help?

  3. hmmm no time to pull back Williams Brigade, best stand firm and order Hugel forward to swing around and flank 'em. Wonder where the militia are? Bets brong 'em up to cover the left. -Ross

  4. I've never played this scenario, but if the British advance with sufficient aggresion, but at the same time ensuring that ranks are dressed and any disruption dealt with, then they should break through. As the American player I'd be tempted to hold my ground and let the Brits come, in the hope that I could inflict some serious casualties.

  5. I am assuming it is my go. I think the British could overcome my strung out position. My only hope is to go on the offensive. I would swing the 4th and 5th Va to a position to enfilade the New York Volunteers (Traitors!) Combined with plunging fire from the 2 6lbr battery, I think they would stand a chance of breaking. This, hopefully would disrupt the enemy attack and give them something else to think about.