Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who are these guys made by??

A long (very) long time ago I bought these guys - these were the first metal figures I ever bought..

They're Numidian cavalry as I think I must have had the idea I wanted to start a Roman Republican army - I remember converting boxes of Airfix Romans (it wasn't much of a conversion, all I did was stick a cut-off pin in the helmet for the helmet feather and cut new oval shields made from card!)..

Now I have an idea I must have been about 14 when I bought these, and I bought them on a visit to a wargame shop in Nottingham - I also think I only bought the riders as the horses are clearly not the right ones and must have been bought at a later date!

So - has anyone got any ideas who made them??


  1. I'd swear that the horses are late 70's Minifigs but the riders look like Hinchliffe to me.

  2. Steve,

    What size are these figures?

    -- Jeff

  3. Sorry Jeff - should have said - they're 25mm's...

    Ross Mac - you may be right about the horses as they are definitely not "right" and I have always been a Minifigs fan... Hinchliffe, eh?

  4. Yep, the horses are defintely current Minifigs and the riders do look like Hinchliffe - i have some Hinchliffe Numidians in the garage so i'll have to have a look.

  5. I would go with Hinchliffe Numidians as well.


  6. Yes, Hinchliffe Numidians on Minifigs horses.