Friday, April 23, 2010

Stay tuned...

..dear readers - things are happening, honest!

DG attends Steve-the-Wargamer's 'crib' this evening; we intend playing the fourth teaser in the Charles Grant and Phil Olley "Raid on St Michel" linked sequence of games.. standby for an account soonest, the camera battery is on charge even as we speak for a plethora of action pictures..

Tomorrow DG & I attend "Salute [click here]" - quite possibly the largest wargame show in the United Kingdom - in fact there's little doubt that it is the largest - again, standby for an account with pictures... looking forward to it immensely..

I am part of the way through painting the Union armies 67th Ohio Regiment of Foot - this will bring my American Civil War forces up to brigade strength for each side - three regiments of foot, with artillery, each. Stand by for a potted regimental history, and pictures of the regiment soonest...

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  1. Steve,

    Those of us, like myself, who are in the far hinterlands of the Earth will never get to attend a major show like Salute.

    So we depend upon netfriends like you to share your experiences and photos so that we can at least have a taste of the show.

    I look forward to your photos and accounts . . . and please remember to have fun!

    -- Jeff