Thursday, April 15, 2010

War wounds!

...oh, and I put up a post about breaking the boat as well... [Click here]


  1. YIKES! Sounds like quite and ordeal err I mean adventure. A source of many stories to be brought up years hence over a pint or 2. I hope the insurance come through for you.

    Now, what's the story behind Bluefoot? Poor Kitty.

  2. Ah - thereby hangs a tale, or should that be tail... We *think* he may have slipped and fallen off the conservatory roof and landed on the garden fence ... poor thing fractured his knee and has had to have a couple of pins put in...

  3. Cats will be cats!

    Now, if only I could keep the local ones out of my garden...

    - Steve

  4. Ouch thought maybe he was on the boat with yah - glad the little bugger is all right - somebody in my frat did a tumble out the sleeping porch window with similar results, lucky for him he landed feet first. Well your cats got 8 lives left.