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67th Ohio Volunteer Infantry..

I'm indebted the following excellent sites [click here] and [click here] for a lot of the following... credit where credit's due and all that!

Unidentified Comrade 67th OVI<br />Courtesy of and Copyright © L.M. Strayer CollectionThe next regiment in my ACW project represents the 67th Ohio Volunteer Infantry...

The Regiment was organized by consolidating the parts of two other regiments, the 45th and 67th, and originally was under the command of a Colonel Otto Burstenbinder (now that my friends is a name and a half - all you fellow wargamers commanding armies in various Germanic imaginations may well want to borrow it!) but was soon succeeded by Colonel Alvin C. Voris.

National Colors 67th OVI"The regiment left Columbus, Ohio, for the field January 19, 1862, going into Western Virginia, under General Lander. With the exception of a march to Bloomrey Gap, the greater portion of the month of February was spent at Paw Paw Tunnel. On the 5th of March the regiment moved to Winchester, General Shields commanding the division, where skirmishing was frequent, on the picket-line, with Ashby's cavalry.

On the afternoon of March 22nd the regiment reported to General Banks in Winchester, and soon engaged the enemy, driving them till past nightfall, as far south as Kearnstown (sic). The regiment lay on their arms all night, and on the next morning were the first to engage the enemy. After the infantry fighting had been fairly opened the Sixty-Seventh was ordered to re-enforce General Tyler's brigade; to do which it was necessary to pass over an open field for three-fourths of a mile, exposed to the enemy's fire. The regiment executed the movement on the double-quick, and came into action in splendid order. The regiment lost in this action fifteen killed and thirty-two wounded".

After Kernstown they were then transferred to the army of the James (Union armies were named after the rivers that the army mostly served near) under McClellan, and shared in the Peninsula campaign, but in the December it was transferred to North Carolina where in the following April it took part in the assault on Fort Wagner with heavy loss.

After much more service, the regiment and was present at the final surrender and continued in service until December 12, 1865, when it was mustered out.

Colonel Alvin Coe Voris

Colonel Alvin Coe Voris enlisted as a 2nd Lieutenant in Company H, 29th Ohio Infantry on October 2, 1861. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the 67th Ohio Infantry on October 3, 1861. He was wounded July 18, 1863 during the assault on Fort Wagner. He was promoted to Brevet Brigadier General on December 8, 1864, then to Colonel on September 1, 1865, and then to Brevet Major General on November 15, 1865. He mustered out with his regiment on December 7, 1865 at City Point, Virginia - a survivor!


Would love to have been at the following - must have been some cracking stories to hear!


All figures are Newline Designs, in 20mm... I have no idea where the dog came from, but having found it, it was crying out to be used so I decided to make him the totally a-historical regimental mascot, "Rufus" (don't ask - my spuds named him!)


  1. I like these a lot! What flags are you using?


  2. Cheers Matt - appreciated - I've always used as I like the effect of the textured versions he does...

    Simple cut, use the kids paste stick, dob of evostick for extra oomph on the flag pole, then stick down and bend... once it's dry I run a paintbrush of black ink along the edges...

  3. I have used them for Napoleonics but those are also very good.


  4. Excellent work. Those figures are really growing on me.