Saturday, May 1

Regimental Fire and Fury Templates

Well - if ever there was proof in this world that wargamers are the salt of the earth the following are proof of it..!

I happened to compliment AJ [click here] on the fine work he'd done on a template for "Flames of War" (which you can see here: and then we got talking about the play test I was doing of the Regimental Fire and Fury rules..

...and before you know it these arrived in the post! To say I'm impressed is an understatement of grand canyon proportions, but then I checked out the workmanship and build quality... and my appreciation went up even higher. These are really nice - crisp, thick, well made, clear..

Very impressed! Steve the Wargamer gives these a very definite 9 out of 10 (gives AJ a tantalising room for improvement opportunity! )

AJ tells me that he's thinking of making these available via his commercial website - if you're interested contact him at


  1. AND Regimental Fire & Fury will soon be available as a "proper" commercial set of rules....check out the Miniatures Page ACW message boards!


  2. Patrick O Brian rules!

  3. So many uses - almost a must have!!

  4. Moif - you are of course absolutely correct! :o))

    Matt - thanks for the heads up - will definitely be buying when it's released - this is now my rule set of choice for the ACW...

    Grimsby - couldn't agree more... but for me the best thing is the build quality - this is a nice piece of kit... and being a geek I really like the fluorsecent effect you get on the edge when you look at it from the side! :o))

  5. Steve,

    Thanks for the kind words about my template. These and also ones with 45/22.5 arcs are now available from my website:

    Thanks again,