Saturday, June 19, 2010

...yikes - where did that two weeks go?!

Many apologies for the lack of meaningful updates here over the period - suffice to day that like a lot of you of you I have been overtaken somewhat with work, and other issues - also known as "real life"..

I hit a busy patch at work, but also a busy patch getting the boat repaired - some of you who pop in here more often will know that I had a problem with "Papillon" my little cruiser, well over the last two weeks there has been much to'ing and fro'ing from insurance, repairers, etc etc.

The good news is that she's now repaired... more detail over on my sailing blog (link to the left) but here she is in all her glory...

I'm aiming to put her back in the water next Tuesday (22nd) on the early tide and I can't wait - my Dad is down at the moment so we went down today to give her a solid wash, she's looking almost ready but I have a little work still to do - the sails need to go back on if nothing else!

...and on the wargaming front?? Time to paint some more ACW I think - I saw some zouaves on Matt's blog [click here] and they've kindled my interest! I think it's also time to conduct a review of the Allied and French Marlburian armies - it's been ages since I did it. Lastly, I feel the need to push some lead - DG and I have been playing an ACW game using Battle Chronicler but I feel more of a need to play with some real figures so - there's a poll over there to the side - what period would you prefer?? scuba diving


  1. Time does go fast - faster as we get older it seems. Like you Ifeel the need to get back to the game table too. Hopefully Monday.

  2. Glad to see you're enjoying the Patrick O'Brian novels. Have you ever considered trying Allan Mallinson?

  3. Paul - I have a theory that the pace of life is increasing in direct portion to the number of "labour saving devices" there are - labour saving devices just mean you have more time to be busy doing multiple things!!! :o)

    Conrad - tried him, loved him, read them all :o)) Eagerly awaiting the next one, and the end of the sabbatical he announced at the end of the last Hervey book..

  4. Steve,

    About the Poll . . . I wish that I could have voted for BOTH Marlburian and Colonial . . . but as I couldn't, I voted Marlburian . . . still, please consider there to be an additional "shadow vote" for the Sudan.

    -- Jeff