Thursday, June 24, 2010


...lot's of it going on, but little of it directly wargame related... having said that, there are very few things in Steve the Wargamers life aren't vaguely wargame related!!

The good news is that "Papillon" is now back in the water - you can read about it in much more detail here [click here]

.. a huge relief, all in all, as those of you who have followed the trials and tribulations on the "Papillon" blog will be aware of... suffice to say that after 10 weeks off the water I'm damn pleased to be back on it!

The poll voting is really interesting! I thought most of my readers were died in the wool, tricorne wearing, 17th Century'ialists (is there such a word?) - as it turns out the ACW option is running away with it - even with Jeff's shadow additional vote for the Sudan... Either way, there are still a few days to go, so please vote...

I'm hoping to do a full review of the Marlburian troops this weekend - my wife is working Saturday evening so I hope to be able to do it then... looking forward to seeing them all out on the table.. stay tuned!


  1. Steve,

    Please note that combining the votes for Marlburian and AWI the "tricorne guys" (18th century, not 17th) are pretty much neck-and-neck with the "blue and gray" voters.

    -- Jeff

  2. You are sooo right re Patrick O'Brian and his amazing writing!