Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Catch up...

Just a swift update to let you know what's going on...

You can read over on the 'boat blog' my latest adventures here; don't worry - it was a brilliant afternoon out with lots of sailing, and best of all no damages sustained!

On the wargaming front I've just under coated enough dismounted ACW cavalry to form two regiments (must do some reading - where they known as squadrons or regiments in the ACW?) - no horse holders yet but they'll be coming... also of course the mounted versions of the regiment...

I have an ACW scenario to prepare for thanks to the poll - thanks very much to all who voted, I now have the undoubted pleasure of thinking up a scenario! I suspect that the dismounted cavalry will be required so bear with me..

Elsewhere, and as another adventure, next week I'm going out for the day on an honest to goodness Thames barge called "Alice"..

...looking forward to it immensely; we're due to sail from Portsmouth, over to Cowes on the isle of Wight for lunch, and then back to Portsmouth in time for dinner...

PS. I also haven't forgotten that army review...!


  1. looks like a fun trip - will she be under sail for the trip?

    as for ACW calvary, they were organized in Brigades / Regiments (approx 400 men) and then companies.

    I would suggest doing some regiments from Buford's 1st calvary division, perhaps from Gambles Brigade

  2. Hi Miles - re. "under sail" - she'd better be or I want my money back.. :o)

    Thanks for that info on the cavalry - that matches what I found out from a quick read this morning.. w.r.t regiments - as my project is built around the orbats for Kernstown I'll be picking cavalry regiments from that... on the Confederate side at least, it'll be the 7th Virginia...

  3. Sounds a great day out. Happy memories. We used to sail from Gosport with the Civil Serice Sailing Club across to Cowes on Saturday via anoher location (can remember where) and then return on the Sunday.

  4. Thames barge should be great! Only two weeks until we go down to our house in Cowes for the summer.. My daughter has acquired a topper so now we have to get a roofrack to put it on. Still, a lot easier than taking the Mirror on a trailer on the Red Funnel!

  5. You will have to give me an idea where your from in England I have a buddy I game with here in the states from Essex - Black yacht looks really cool as well as the 1790 castle