Saturday, October 09, 2010

7th Virginia finished!

As promised - the 7th Virginia are now finished in all modes - mounted, dismounted, and horse holders... a lot of painting to represent one regiment!

So with further ado - here they are (and as usual - clicking on any picture reveals a pleasingly larger view):

They are a little more irregular than their Union counterparts, I tried to vary the horse colours, and also the grey used in the uniforms, so as to give the impression that they weren't quite as "regimental". I also remembered the plain metal sword scabbards this time... free smileys

My reading would indicate that cavalry on cavalry engagements in the American Civil war, Brandy Station aside, were very rare...

..the way that I will try to encourage this on the tabletop is something that Bluebear Jeff alluded to in a post a long time ago - very closed in terrain; there were no open spaces, as there was in Europe, to encourage sweeping cavalry charges...

...and just as a reminder, here they are in dismounted mode - horse-holders to the rear..
Figures are Newline Designs (of course!), 20mm and painted in my usual style - acrylics and inks on a black undercoat (with a white damp-brush for contrast)


  1. They look great, Steve!

    Another anti-cavalry factor is that the blunt-nosed "minie balls" (really a flat-nosed slug) at .58 caliber were much more effective at taking down horses (as I recall, General Forrest had an incredible number of horses shot out from under him).

    I really like the two horse basing that you use. If I ever get my ECW project started, that's how I will base that cav.

    -- Jeff

  2. Lovely looking unit. The horse holder sculpt actually looks like he is doing his job-rather than just being a standing cavalry figure.


  3. Ji
    Not my era, but I love your eye for detail and your scenary, for example the fields. They look very nice but I don't see any solution to the problem of having your units entering in. What is your solution?

  4. Thanks guys...

    Matt - I'm slightly remiss in this project - I'd always planned to have a range of figures represented like my WSS project, but the Newline figures are so damned nice I never moved on!

    Next unit is the first of the Zouaves... :o)

    Ola Rafa - that sounds like an interesting question! Can you expand on what you're asking? Units entering the table???

  5. A really nice looking unit this. Everything that Southern cavalry should be...

  6. I have painted quite a few of those figures over the last ten years, but none came out as nice as yours.

    The ACW set up is looking very smart now.