Thursday, October 07, 2010

Newline Designs October special...

Just a quick update - things are happening but to be honest mostly on the sailing front so it's that particular blog that's getting all the updates at the moment.. I'll be posting soon on the completed Confederate 7th Virginia cavalry though...

I did happen to spot this however - Newline Designs are offering an October special offer, for those of you tempted then the details are as follows:

20mm ACW and Zulu Wars:
20% off all standard and unit packs
(Offer does not include army or bargain packs)

More details here [click here] and here [click here]

That works out 24 infantry for £7.60 - that's 32p each, instead of 40p - fill yer boots say I!

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  1. fill your boots indeed!My wallet will not thankyou, but I will lol!