Wednesday, December 01, 2010


It's hard to believe that only 7 weeks separates this, which was the last major sail of the year,in (t)shirt sleeves...

..from this..

..and this, which was taken this morning when the temperature was still -2' C!

The UK is going through an unseasonal cold patch - we don't normally get this kind of weather until January or February which had lead me to think of contents of "Papillon's" bar.. yes, she does have one..

Sub-zero temperatures do nasty things to pressurised cans of beer, and not wanting to have a major clean-up on my hands I decided to go and empty the bar on my way to work..

This was what I came away with....

.. what can I say - it was a hot, dry summer..


On the wargaming front I'm still fired up following the trip to Warfare last weekend and have a number of projects on the go...
  • The table is currently set for my first game using the "A Good Dusting" rules, looking forward to that..
  • I'm currently re-basing my WWII troops using the same basing style as my Sudan figures ie. with real sharp sand as opposed to the sand coloured flock - they look better and at the same time I'm also taking the option to standardise on 30x30mm bases wherever possible..
  • The ACW wagons are now assembled and look great - I'm waiting for a window of opportunity to undercoat them and the Kennington officer figures
  • DG and I are currently engaged in an American Civil War campaign using Berthier, which I may blog on once we have reached a critical mass in campaign terms...

..this guy turned up on the tree outside my loft window the other day - very imperious...


  1. Rejoice, Steve, that you didn't lose massive amounts of refreshing beverage aboard your vessel (and not just because you'd have to clean it up) . . . it could have been much much worse.

    -- Jeff

  2. I'm currently walking the five miles to work each day through the two foot of snow that has dropped on Grimsby. Hot cup of coffee in hand it's not so bad. Better still is the hot bath and hot chocolate when you get home - something to look forward to each night.

  3. Blimey Paul - never let it be said that wargamers are wimps! 5 miles in snow is hard work...

    We had our first serious snow fall last night - about 10 inches overnight - everything grinds to a halt as usual.. I cycled to work.. :o))

  4. Dec 1st was more like the 1st day of spring here in Nova Scotia, sunny and warm (ok 6 degrees but felt like more). Its like Momma Nature got confused about which side of the pond is which, but I'm not complaining.

    Standard sized basing, a good idea. esp if you can stick to them once established. I'm still struggling with standardizing each period/scale.


  5. I wish I could get into the ACW 'cause its got so many elements that I like, the early industrial tech, the gun ships, the transition from ranks to skirmish fighting, but for some reason it just never seems to click for me.

    I still read your posts though.

    I enjoy the WW2 stuff much more. will you do more of them?

  6. Moif - definitely - WWII is a core interest for me (along with the AWI/ACW/Sudan and WSS!!)

  7. Brr, indeed. Glad I'm in sunny Zambia (heh, heh drinking Mosi lager by the pool) and even gladder I got to the airport before the big fall on wednesday night!

  8. WSS?

    War of Spanish Something-or-other?