Wednesday, December 08, 2010


DG and I have both invested significant amounts of time (and money!) this year in the "Regimental Fire and Fury" wargame rules, and also in building up forces of miniatures to allow us to play games... DG in 12mm, myself in 20mm (as documented in extraordinary and detailed depth on my main blog..)

Whilst chatting after our last game, our thoughts turned again to campaigning, so I suggested that DG might fancy running one set in the American Civil War... happily, he took me up on the offer and the map above shows the area of operations..!

For this campaign we will use Berthier for the strategic manoeuvring, Regimental Fire and Fury for the battles and Battle Chronicler when we can't meet face to face..

We diced for sides and I chose can read how the campaign unfolds on the re-vitalised "Campaign Diary" blog.. so far it has some background information and maps... more to come!

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  1. Two things, Steve.

    First, "the South shall rise again!" . . . I had four ancestors in the Confederate Army, so I'll be rooting for you.

    Second, you might want to make references to your other blogs (such as "Campaign Diary" here) into links, so it is much easier for us to navigate to them.

    -- Jeff