Friday, March 25, 2011

Holding Position... Post Match Analysis

Not really working out is it...??! You'd have thought that after launching the boat earlier this week I might actually have a little more time on my hands for some little metal men action! Free Happy Smileys

Anyway - here we go.... first what the Duke (Wellington as opposed to Marlborough) was want to call the "butchers bill"..

SideUnitTypeStarting StrengthCasualties
Franco BavarianNo. 1Medium Artillery65
Franco BavarianNo. 2Medium Artillery61
Franco BavarianRegiment de St. PouangesCavalry61
Franco BavarianBearnInfantry61
Franco BavarianFoixInfantry62
Franco BavarianNavarreInfantry65
Franco BavarianSaintongeInfantry61
Franco BavarianToulouseInfantry60
49 (includes +1 for Guards)16 (33% casualties)

SideUnitTypeStarting StrengthCasualties
AlliedNo. 1Light Artillery60
AlliedNo. 2Light Artillery63
AlliedNassau FrieslandCavalry62
Allied1st Foot GuardsInfantry61
79 (includes +1 for Guards)32 (40% casualties)

..all in all a lot closer than it felt at the time - but for the time constraint DG might well have been able to string another attack together - he was certainly close enough!

Otherwise... ever in this game the artillery are very potent - we each had two guns aside but in my case the mediums with their extra 6" of range were very effective. DG and I have discussed this effectiveness issue a few times in the past as the mechanics are broadly the same for the American War of Independence games. In these rules we hit on a modified seven on 2D6 - at the ranges I was mostly firing on their are range penalties of -1 or -2, but plus modifiers for being on full strength that cancel these out... if I was to play this scenario again I would consider modifying the artillery on both sides so that they had less strength points and therefore lose the bonus....

..the game was not as straight-forward a win as it might have seemed - DG suffered from poor dice throws on at least three morale throws in very sticky situations for me. In effect I was winning melee's on the back of his troops failing morale, rather than my superior fighting strength!

..the eternal conundrum of how to attack an enemy in a fixed position was analysed & aired yet again... power to his elbow but DG didn't do anything that I wouldn't have done... a regiment in line up front with as many more behind it as you can get in, then as each regiment is sent back in tatters as a result of the volleys from the unit they are attacking, the next one behind is that much closer and has that much less of a beaten path to cross... from memory this almost worked at least twice.... it certainly saw off Navarre (useless buffoons! Free Happy Smileys)

...attack and defence scenario's are difficult to balance but this one has it about right, with the attacker being about twice as strong...

...refreshments on this occasion - taken as all gentlemen do at the half time, was the standard Twinings Everyday tea with some very interesting home baked biscuits made by the spuds - they wanted to make chocolate one's but didn't have any cocoa powder so they substituted instant coffee granules.... I don't know whether DG managed it, but I was sleepless most of the night due to the caffeine rush!!

Most enjoyable - here's to the next one!


  1. Good stuff, the allied casualties were quite high, those biscuits sound awful.

  2. To my mind, most rule writers over-emphasize the value and effect of artillery . . . particularly in earlier periods.

    -- Jeff

  3. A bit of a slaughterhouse, but dear Lord those biscuits sound like they would drive a man to slaughter.

  4. Always a tricky thing to balance but usually good to walk away thinking that it could have gone the other way. I'm usuaally happier when its tactics and choices rather than dice that tip the tide but luck, good and bad exists and must be accepted.

    I do find the effect of morale throws increasingly annoying though and prefer systems like F&F where melee and morale are all wrapped into one, even if its just adoe roll in the end regardless of what you call it.

    Great report.

  5. Cheers guys....

    The biscuits were.... "interesting"... I'm thinking of patenting them and selling them to the Army for Special forces use.. better than Benzedrine!

    Jeff - your comments about artillery are as astute as ever - we're thinking along similar lines...