Thursday, March 17, 2011

Holding Position... The Game...

...and so on to the game... just one addition to the previous post in that DG and I decided that one each of our infantry regiments could be classed as "Guard" - in the rules I use (which are the Will McNally AWI rules with suitable modifications to suit this much earlier period*) a Guard rating allows a morale modifier - we used +1 (it can be +2), which means that with each unit have 6 strength points, the Guard regiments are given a virtual strength of 7 - very handy when testing morale (which is tested against the units strength). It makes the Guard regiments a little "stickier", ie. they stay on the battlefield longer as one would expect them to.. DG chose the 1st Foot Guards (naturally), and I chose Regiment Navarre (as one of the “Vieux Corps” it seemed apt).

* If you're interested in the rules check my WSS Project Page which has a link to the rules, and the modifications I'm using)

Next, DG diced for unit arrivals and in an event that one very rarely sees on the wargame table (a definite plus for the random arrival mechanic!!) he found that all his cavalry (with one exception) was arriving at entry point #1, and all his infantry and artillery (also with one exception!) were arriving at point #2 (click here for a map refresher).. interesting times for DG! dog products

On my side I deployed most of my units hidden (not that I had many) with one regiment on the steep hill to the left of my line - overlooking the British entry point #1.

I deployed the artillery immediately as I fore saw these being my battle winners - one on either side of the gap, on first contours as I didn't think the movement penalty would be a problem - I wasn't planning on moving them!

Lastly I placed Navarre bang slap in the middle of the gap, straddling the road... the other infantry regiment I chose to deploy were on the hill to the left of the road (with my senior general) - the following gives a view (as usual - click for a bigger view)...

This was taken later in the game but I hadn't moved much..

So what of the game?? An interesting tussle, quite exciting as I think DG will agree, it swung both ways a few times...

DG brought all his infantry piling down the road from the entry point #2 in column - they advanced quickly! He put his artillery and the single regiment of cavalry with that force at the front of the column so as to bring them into action as soon as possible..

meanwhile his cavalry - in line - plus the single infantry regiment piled on at #1 - clearly DG had taken his orders to heart and was looking for a quick win...
He then deployed a couple of his cavalry regiments so as to threaten the hill (a demonstration of force!) which effectively tied down my infantry regiment - he had numbers to spare and had effectively nullified one of my units without firing a shot...

Elsewhere however, my artillery had opened fire - it would be a long day for the French artillery - the first casualties were the cavalry leading DG's infantry column (the column can be seen following) - strike one for the French as they were not to return due to failed morale tests until much later in the game...
An overview of the battlefield mid-game (see following).. things were getting hot by this stage of the game.. I had already deployed one of my hidden regiments to block the hole left by regiment Foix routing (as a result of casualties from artillery fire)

On the left flank the British cavalry make it up the hill in the first of a succession of charges - little point in infantry charging cavalry, so the regiment I placed there was a blocking force... In this instance they saw the cavalry off with a volley and then subsequently a poor morale throw that caused each of the two regiments you can see to break and rout... first battle honours of the game won by the Regiment Saintonge! In the background Wyndhams are gearing up to charge the French artillery - at the moment they are clear of the beaten zone - sheltered by the edge of the hill..

Later in the game and I have had to deploy my hidden cavalry to provide some much needed support as DG's regiments start arriving cab rank style... game hung in the balance here, and only good dice rolls by the artillery, and poor die rolls from DG's morale checks, saved me..

Following - Navarre have routed - not surprising as they were bl**dy useless all game! dog products The French cavalry have swung to close the gate, and happily Regiment Foix have recovered and are being brought back up post haste..

Following - Meanwhile, on top of the hill to the left of the gap DG had managed to get his first infantry into melee - the French held!

Following - End game - despite his numbers, DG's regiments are severely depleted, I have just bought out my last infantry regiment (Toulouse - the guys with the anchor on their flag) fresh for the battle, and with "going home time" fast approaching DG decided to concede... as night falls, the French remain in control of the gap, and therefore win the game. dog products

Stay tuned for some post match analysis and other thoughts...


  1. Hi
    Not my era but your figures have a very nice toouch of elegance and distinction! Moreover, I like to read your AAR's
    Best regards

  2. Great write up and good looking game. Thanks for that.

  3. Stately manouevres from when men dressed like girls and fought like tigers. A good clear battle report, not the easiest thing to write Steve. Well done.

  4. A great looking, well fought game, well presented. A pleasure to read this morning.

    byw congratulations on holding the line, not an easy feat.


  5. Your game accounts actually make me want to play a game instead of just painting stuff all the time!

  6. Wonderful to out-perform history, isn't it?

    A great-looking table and good action, sir.

    -- Jeff