Saturday, October 29, 2011

He's back...

...just had a break, chez famille, at my Dad's place in Edinburgh so apologies for the break in service but I come back chock full of posts - all I need to do is find time to write them... footballer pictures

So... standby for:
  • the completion of the write up for the "Retreat to the Coast" game..
  • a review of my visit to Stirling Castle which I enjoyed while in the 'auld country'
  • a review of "Blue at the Mizzen" which I finished whilst on the same break
  • a write up on my trip to the Museum of Scotland to see the Cochrane exhibition
  • ...anything else I can think of, and that I have time to complete.. footballer pictures
....and at some time this weekend "Papillon" will be coming out of the water for her winter break ashore, and I have to take the mast down... it's going to be a busy one...!


  1. A beuatiful picture!
    Best regards

  2. Edinburgh - a wonderful city. Trust that a pint of "heavy" or two were taken during your stay.

  3. Edinburgh is one of the nicest cities in Britain. Love the art gallery there. Great restaurants too!

    Looking forward to all your posts!