Sunday, October 23, 2011

..those who doubted....

...have had their expectations reset...

...teams don't get to the Rugby World Cup by luck, but the French have had more criticism and doubt thrown at them than most teams in the competition, anyone would think that they didn't deserve to be in the final they were expected to give so little opposition.... a life long French rugby fan, it is with great pleasure, and not a little relief, that I say - 'think on', you doubters... brilliant game, the Kiwi's won it, but the French played magnificently...  


  1. The French did very well, came so close. As a Kiwi I was very glad to hear the final whistle. Well done the ALL BLACKS!!

  2. The French certainly did do better than most expected of them . . . but I'm glad that the Kiwis won. New Zealand needs something to be happy about.

    Remember that Christchurch was very seriously damaged in a series of terrible earthquakes . . . and that the Japanese earthquake and tsunami right after that made everyone (understandably) forget about how horribly devastated New Zealand's second largest city was.

    My wife's sister and her family fortunately were not injured . . . but their house is a complete write-off . . . except that it isn't because there is so much damage that the city has yet to get around to evaluating it even though it is broken in half and partially sunk into the ground with neither half of the house level.

    Yes France acquitted itself very well . . . I think that overall they outplayed New Zealand . . . but they still fell one point short . . . and New Zealand needs something to lift the nation.

    -- Jeff

  3. Yes, well done the French, they certainly gave the ABs a run for the title.

    But go the ABs! A very hard fought win, but a win none the less!



  4. Well done indeed to both team is a very hard fought match that went down to the wire. I dont mind (as much!) that my team came third when you see a final of that quality

  5. ..cheers guys - no losers in the game really - well played, gentlemanly, and both teams a credit to their countries... and well done the AB's!

  6. The last thing a true rubgy fan could appreciate would have been a one way match.
    As a french supporter, I personnally expected this match to be hardly fought at least and I knew the French team had a chance to win this match.
    Seems that destiny likes balance after ou close victory against the valiant Welsh.

  7. I was certainly one who expected a hammering. But for sure the French earned back my respect after last weeks undeserved escape. Nice to see them play them so well and attractive again.

  8. Vive la France! in rugby at least

  9. Glad the game was a true contest. Well played by both sides. France got beaten twice by the All Blacks in the World Cup but, the last game was so close.

  10. Anice chunky forwards game lots of grunt. The ABs were a tad nervous and the French actually turned up for the first time
    And a prop scoring a try- miracles do happen...

  11. I have to admit that I was cheering for the Commonwealth side rather than a northern hemisphere team (I think the gap has closed considerably in that respect), but even so the French almost converted me into a fan. Great game and whilst low scoring was the best final I've watched (2003 not included!)