Friday, November 18, 2011

Warfare on Sunday...

...oh yes!

My favourite show of the year, DG is coming down, Sean at Newline Designs is having a 25% off sale - what's not to be happy about!

Suffice to say I pre-ordered three unit bags from Newline ("Infantry in Kepi, Shell jacket, Marching") to fill the currently empty "to paint" boxes for my ongoing American Civil War project.. they may also get me to pick up a paint brush again - not a good painting year... so far...

With DG coming down we will also take the opportunity to slip in a game on Saturday evening...

Once again the drums and fifes will ring out along the Rhine, as the forces of the Duke of Marlborough (DG) seek to stymie the dastardly French (me)... I've combed the "Scenario's for Wargamers" book and have decided on the "Battle of Sawmill Village" scenario....  I will of course post here once it's complete...

Looks to be a good weekend coming up.... !


  1. It's a pity but I don't buyed the Grant's book in the 90's and now is unavailable!
    Please post your scenario
    Best regards