Thursday, November 17, 2011

Battle of Waynes Junction... Part 2

Continuing the account of the battle which I left at move 11.


Move 12: Last efforts - I need to defend what I've taken, and the objectives/features that are key to my plan - that's the left of the battlefield.

The Louisiana Regiments have done their work and it's time for them to rest, but not before I send the 6th Louisiana to attempt a little naughtiness on the exposed US artillery...

Move 13: ..which works! Go the 6th!

On the left of the battle I continue to make (small) gains...

Move 14: The 6th are on fire.... Battle honours are deserved by all the Louisiana regiments, but especially the 6th - who have now charged the flank of the US artillery and sent them packing!

On the right of the battlefield DG attempts a little of his own "shut the door" with the 126th New York - I move one of the two now rested Louisiana regiments to cover, with the 21st North Carolina as support

Move 15: That's it as far as I'm concerned - no immediate threats and it's time to dig in and wait for DG to retreat... Famous last words...

Two of my regiments are sent packing - not through any action by DG just casualties and poor dice throws results in them withdrawing... on the right that New York regiment is beginning to be a bit of a pain...

Turn 16: The 21st North Carolina have halted...  the 57th have "retreated" themselves into a position where they are no longer a viable unit... time to "hunker down" as my US colleagues would say

Turn 17: The Confederates are  a spent force - only the 6th North Carolina and the artillery are still a cohesive force, and as a campaign game there are a lot of hours until night time..

In the face of a slow advance by the Union 126th New York I cover with the 21st NC and 8th L - elsewhere I fall back on the supply sheds...

Throughout all of this the Confederate artillery maintain a healthy fire and cause some discomfort to the 7th West Virginia..

Turn 18: "Come and get it if you think you're hard enough".. those New York boys seem a little hesitant...

...end of this post - I hadn't realised when I said 'game over' that as a campaign game there were no victory conditions - I have another 7 turns to hold out - I leave it to you to imagine how I felt about that...!


  1. Fascinating stuff. How long did it take to play the whole game through?

  2. CK - would you believe we started this game mid-February??? :o)))