Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad luck comes in three's...

..and can seriously bite into your available wargaming time...  

Not my legs, or my wheel - same fault though.. this week I'm cycling to work on Monday and one of the spokes in the back wheel "pings" - when I get to work I check it out and I find that it's completely loose and has come free at the rim...  that's completely free at the rim of the new back wheel I only bought nine months ago....  the back wheel that is double skinned, because British roads are so poor (and I'm such a fat bas**rd ) that I wanted the wheel to last..  the back wheel I paid a premium for....  gah...! Bike shop said (rightly I think - they're nice people) it's a 50:50 - either manufacturing fault or I hit a pot hole...  I end up buying a new wheel, they gave me free labour on swapping over the chain block...  that takes care of Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday (bought the wrong replacement wheel, had to go back and swap it, the whole story is too tedious to recount in full)...  the good news is that the bike is now back on the road...

In the car on the way home from buying the (wrong..) wheel I notice road noise from the passenger side - "hah" I think, "I've forgotten to close the window fully" - buzz, click whirr, window disapears rapidly into door, smashing sound ensues..... double gah!!! Coldest night of the year & no passenger side window.. Car goes to garage - they've just rung me with the news..  you don't even want to know how much...  scuba diving in menorca

...and I get home and the current Mrs Steve the Wargamer says "don't get upset"...  oh no I think, what else could be worse??  Only my favourite beer glass cracked in the dishwasher...  I can take that..... what has this got to do with wargaming...??

Only an excuse for not having completed the Egyptian Sudan infantry currently on the painting table..

I have enought for two bases so as to complete the unit to the right.. wearing the tan campaign jumpers (as opposed to the dark blue that the Sudanese regiments wore) and a pleasing extra variable to add to the Imperial forces...

Next, I want to see if I can find some infantry to represent the various Indian regiments present in the Suakin [click here] theatre of the war, there involvement was such that it would be a great shame not to see them on the table top...

15th Bengal Native Infantry in the Sudan 1885 (courtesy of Wikipedia)

...but not before I first paint some more American Civil War infantry....


Separately, it's greatly pleasing to see how much use is being made of the Tabletop Teasers [click here]on my project blog - there's been a veritable splurge of acticity there recently...

When I first put them up 5 years ago I had no idea they would end up being as popular as they are - I liked them, I had no idea others thought the same; a true testimony to their entertainment value, and the skill of their author Charles Grant....  I should thank Charles again publicly for being willing to let me post them, so I will - thanks Charles!

Top 5 Teasers (in terms of downloads):

5.  April 1979 - No. 8 - "The Hasty Defence and Relief of a Town"...  282 downloads
4.  August 1978 - No. 4 - "Hold Up in the Badlands".. 292 downloads
3.  July 1978 - Playtest of Teaser #3 - "The Advance Guard Action"... 297 downloads
2.  April 1978 - No. 2 - "The Wagon Train"... 376 downloads

...and in the no. 1 position...

1. June 1978 - No. 3 - "The Advance Guard Action".. with 463 downloads!


  1. I certainly feel for you. There are those occasional days when one wonders why he or she got out of bed. Hope things are looking up now though.

    On a different note, I really enjoy your Tabletop Teaser site. Keep it up!

    Best Regards,


  2. Ouch! Never seen a back wheel (or any wheel for that matter) do that! Roads are rubbish-I have just invested in a "bombproof" commuter as my old bike has literally shaken itself to bits using the "cycle path" to get to work.

  3. Steve

    As a reader I want to say thank you for posting the TTTs which are an absolutely great on line resource. I've downloaded them all at least one (middle aged brain issues).

    Good luck with the vehicles, but if you can cycle the coldest night of the year can't be too cold! It's too bad you couldn't drown your sorrows with your favourite glass.


  4. I feel sorry for your wallet, it must feel very empty inside!!!
    I've not heard about your Table Top Teasers, I'm on my way there now!!!!

  5. Cheers guys... your thoughts are appreciated.. :o))

    Matt - bomb proof commuter sounds right up my street (ouch...) what did you get???

    All - no thnks for the Teasers pls - Charles Grant did all the hard work, all I did was shamelessly rip his work off and then go cap in hand in a grovelling manner to ask for his forgiveness and his permission to continue hosting them! :o))

  6. Steve, I am the proud owner of a Marin Muirwoods 29er (2011 model cos they are being sold off with 23% off). I have had it a week now and clocked up 70ish miles so far.

  7. What! You lost your favourite beer glass. Jee that sucks.
    Could be worse - boss cycles to work. Dark morning and runs over a black labrador on the path. Boss goes a over t across the handlebrs and ends up in the ditch. Dog is fine (shaken) & boss walks to work. Gets to work and wonders why he feels faint. Finds out major cut down the inside leg bleeding heavily. Passes out and smacks his head on the table as he goes down. Wakes up in the ambulence.

  8. As a fellow cyclists I feel for you old chap. You seem to be weathering the storm with good humour.

    As for the TTT - God bless the work! I've often used them.

  9. A good cavernous pothole will do that to you. I hit one in Michigan while driving: it broke the alloy rim and tripped the emergency fuel cutoff.

    New to your site and thoroughly enjoying your work. I will stay in touch.

    -Steve Ronin

  10. I feel for you...but its better to get the bad luck out of the way before you start rolling dice!

  11. To hell with the rest .... not the favourite beer glass! ... noooooo!


  12. Hopefully that's your run of bad luck over for a while then Steve! I used to be a keen cyclist myself for about 15 years (Catford Cycling Club), so I can understand your frustration at that, I've not seen a break like that before though.The broken beer glass is tragic, you seemed to take it rather well though !

    Great blog,
    Lee.("Therapy project" blog)