Friday, January 13, 2012

First off the painting table in 2012.... Beja and Hadendowah

As promised the first painting efforts for 2012... after my desultory efforts last year I decided I needed to be a little more productive this year so here you go... on the painting table we have some Sudan period Egyptian infantry ready to get the treatment...

First though a base of Arab camelry for the same project...

Figures are from Peter Pig.. in rules terms these represent a half unit using the "A Good Dusting" set - I already had one base so these were painted to allow me to represent a full unit on the table... the challenge was matching the colours to the other base!

Next some Beja, the famed Fuzzy Wuzzy of Kipling fame - a fierce enemy as the British found on a number of occasions....

I'm trying to focus the Sudan project around the Suakin campaign where the Beja of Osman Digna featured heavily so there'll be more of these guys this year... figures again are Peter Pig - I think - not so keen on the pose of these figures, but they look good en masse...

So we're off the starting block and I make that 16 for the Beja, and 12 for the Camelry, and a grand total of 28 points...


  1. Very nice work and a good start to the year!


  2. A great start to this years painting!!!

  3. Wow...the camels and riders are excellent! You've dialed-in the white color exceptionally well.

  4. Cheers guys... I'd agree with Jay - I'm much happier with the camel troops than the Beja... the white jibas on the Beja came out a little dingy, but then I suspect they probably would have been in real life so no great harm done....! :o)

  5. Really nice work. I do like Peter Pig figures.

  6. Not my era, but your riders look magnificient in his white/grey uniforms!

  7. Watch an 8 minute video about the Beja people in modern times.

  8. BJ - interesting video thanks... looks like I got the colours for the camels pretty close... :o)

  9. Those camel troops are superb! Always good to see Sudan stuff. If you watch the 1938 version of The Four Feathers, where they had real Beja as extras, you will see that their clothes were indeed very dingy and far from sparkling white.