Thursday, March 22, 2012


...a permanently set up wargame table in it's own room; is it a benefit, or a curse...???

Apologies guys - but with only two and a half weeks to launch date, the boat is taking priority on my already stretched time.. this weekend promises to be no different...

I'm drinking beer all day on Saturday (a long running event, at the inestimable Dark Star Brewing pub the Evening Star in Brighton - much beautiful beer will be drunk, rubbish spoken, jokes swapped, and games of  Shut the Box played - looking forward to in enormously!)

I'll be laying comatose under the boat slapping on anti-foul on Sunday....

....and the cryptic exam question?? Well as I cycled to work this morning I had reason to think that it was probably the latter - having the table there all the time means there is no urgency to get back and finish the first game in Operation Cornichon!


  1. I'll take the opposite view and suggest that having a permanent table ready to provides just the stimulus many of us need to get on with our painting and actually have a few games within a 12-month period. I think there are many "wargamers" out there (the silent majority perhaps?) who never quite get there on either count. Just my five penn'orth.

    Best Regards,


  2. Priorities Man! Priorities! Boats? Beer? You'd think playing with Toy Soldiers was a past time for old men!
    You'll be flirting with your wife next!

    At least the set up has allowed you to get some toys out of the cupboard for a while.

  3. I have to agree with Stokes that having a permanent space actually means more game playing for me. At the same time it allows for a more balance life because you can get on with other things and still return to the game later. It also allows for more interesting and lengthy scenarios without any time pressure...


  4. I've gotta agree with Prinz Ulrich and Stryker it must be a great having a game set up all the time, throw a few dice everyday then get on with your painting.

  5. Had a permanent table in my last house, seemed a good idea but it just got covered in clutter as it was just another flat surface, so armies/WIP got laid out then left as there was no incentive to clear it up. Should point out that all wargaming was done at the local club, so that is partly why it happened.

  6. I have a table which could be left entirely for gaming use, but it's not as big as I'd like, and it's also my work table. On the whole, I'd much prefer to have a dedicated table for gaming. I guess it depends on whether you have the space for it.