Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Operation Cornichon - something wicked..

..this way comes...

1st Section approach the hill recently occupied by the sentry...  support weapons in tow (A & B), force commander just beyond them with his staff....

Apologies for the dearth of posts - real life continues to impinge - game is up to move 5 and the French sentries who were activated on Turn 2 have now reached the village to raise the alarm - the brown stuff is about to hit the fan...

In game terms:
  • dawn has now broken - all movement now normal
  • the Germans have just passed the hill the sentries were recently occupying (map/table in last post)
  • the Germans get one further move and I then start rolling the French reaction..
...getting interesting - and all the more frustrating that I can't get enough time to focus!



  1. Great looking blog.

  2. Good stuff Steve. Vive la France.