Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Operation Cornichon.. Game 2... Start

Table Set Up..  Germans enter from the furthest edge - French set up along the line of hills....
Initial Set Up.. 
No great surprises that the French have deployed as they have..

 I have a concern that the weaker section deployed to the right of the hill don't have the best field of fire (site line is blocked by the village) but they have positioned the anti tank rifle and LMG with the best view they can get....  the rest of the section is under cover in the wood - I'll use them when I have to..

The stronger French section is deployed left of the road - the CO is with this group as well - LMG's deployed - the other anti tank is with the LMG group in the centre..

The Germans have deployed on the road - one section per half track - CO in the front one...

On with the game!


  1. Looks like it is the Boche who are in for a nasty surprise this time!

  2. I'd still be nervous if I were French!

    Under the rules, how visible are the French infantry in the open before they fire? and what are the ranges like?

    Should be interesting.

  3. Not my era but it seems a very interesting scenario!

  4. Table looks great Steve. Should be an interesting game.

  5. Ross - my apologies - I am remiss and haven't replied..

    You asked...

    1/. How visible are the French infantry in the open before they fire.. they are fully visible, scenario specific allows no digging in or hidden...

    2/. What are the ranges like? Short... 1cm on the table to one metre.... most of the firing is taking place at less than 75cm's... true battlefield conditions.... :o)