Friday, April 20, 2012

Operation Cornichon.. Game 2... Turn 5 & 6

So... the Germans arrive on turn 1 and start their advance down the main road..

The French open fire with their anti-tank rifles and are spectacularly unsuccessful, but successful enough that the Germans decide that it makes sense to get off the road in to some kind of cover...

The first Hanomag (containing the first section and CO) turns left to take cover behind the village - the second Hanomag turns right (those directions are as you face the French position)...

The Germans start to lay down some very heavy machine gun fire with the Hanomag on the right being particularly effective - three French casualties in quick succession result in the anti-tank rifle man on the French left coming down the hill in order to get a better/closer shot..

Turn 5 - The German CO is next to the road in the elbow formed by hedge and fence..  in the meanwhile German 1st Section is deploying into the village, skirmishing forward.. their MG section is heading for the upper floor of the barn (just out of picture to the left)..  Across the road, concerted French MG fire has suppressed the Hanomag (and their crew)... the French anti-tank rifle man is at the bottom of the hill trying to get a shot...both French machine gunners have been hit on that flank...
Turn 6 - ...the German section in the suppressed Hanomag bail out looking for what cover they can get (I decided to make the passengers suppressed as well) - in the very next segment of the move the anti-tank gunner gets his kill and the Hanomag bursts into flame - nick of time for the Germans!....  over on the hill, the remaining French LMG opens fire on the crew inflicting their first casualty on the Germans, only to take fire themselves...'s not over yet! 


  1. Nice play-rep. Your scenery allows for lots of challenges for the troops to maneuver through. Action is definitely heating up.

  2. The French need to do better than that! Paris is in peril!