Sunday, June 17, 2012

Peter Connolly

Seemed to escape most of the wargaming blogger'spere I inhabit, but I noticed form an article in the paper yesterday that Peter Connolly had died last month... 

Most folks (me included) probably know him best from this book - though he wrote and illustrated a number of others - a copy of which graces my shelves even now, and that despite the fact that Greece and Rome are not my core wargaming periods of interest....

I keep it because his drawings were just superb... if you've not seen any by him, seek them out - very much recommended...


  1. So sorry to hear this - I was lucky enough to meet him several times at various archeological conferences he attended as a guest speaker - a brilliant man a sad loss.

  2. I missed this too! I love his The Ancient Greece of Odysseus too, the illustrations in which are the basis for many of the Perry Foundry Trojans.

  3. Me too! I missed this completely. Mr Connolly, probably more than anyone else, got me interested in ancient history when I was young.

  4. Seems to be a common response... I get the impression that he was quite a private man, despite being very active in his particular career... I found out afterwards for example, that he was the head guy for the Ermine Street Guard because of his in depth knowledge of the period....