Sunday, July 01, 2012

"Cause for Alarm".. a review..

Works a bugger at the moment, then we had visitors,but I promise I'm still here...

Thank goodness for the American Civil War campaign DG and I are playing as it's a bit of a lifeline at the moment, that and the Blue Max/Wooden Ships website!

I've also been reading a fair amount, but not a lot of it directly related to wargaming though there always idea's to be found...!

Just sneaking in before the end of June, this one was an interesting read though... Eric Ambler is not read enough these days in my view (ditto Alastair MacLean, Ian Fleming and those other pantheons of 70's fiction )...

Marlow, an engineer, is "let go" by his company in pre-war 1937 Britain. There is an economic depression, and after searching for some considerable time for a new job, he is finally offered a job by an engineering company who have an office in Italy.

Despite his misgivings, and as beggars can't be choosers, he takes the job and is then plunged into Mussolini era Italy...  shady generals in mascara, the ballet, bribery and corruption, fascismo, and a beating by the Italian secret police follow before he eventually has to escape the country following a trumped up charge that could see him in prison....  a brilliant account of his escape from the country which is helped by the Soviet (?? or is he an American... we never find out!) agent Valeshoff (I found out after I started it that this was the second book in a series of two featuring him)... Good.... 7 out of 10


  1. Steve, have you tried Alan Furst, really good pre-war and early war espionage thrillers. I'll look out for this one in the library.

  2. Thanks Will.. I'll try him....

    For this one, although it's not necessary as the story is self contained, you might want to read the first in the series first... "Uncommon Danger" (or "Background to Danger" according to version) I shall definitely check it out..

  3. I may have to read this. Sounds very good.