Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 review

...errrr... anything you like......
...and so another year disappears down the pan...

It seems de rigeur among the wargaming bloggerati to put up some kind of view of how 2013 was, and what your plans are for 2014, so why on earth should I want to buck the trend...??

I've got to say it wasn't a stand out year; it was better than 2012 but still a long way off the glory years (which were when I first started, and about 7 or 8 years ago - I seemed to have more time then)...

The painting totals for the year turned out at 172 [click here], nicely up on 2012 (120 points); this year was considerably better. My favourite new item this year was probably Dorrington's Regiment [click here] but I'm pleased to see that practically all the projects got 'touched' this year with the single exception of the Sudan, and I have a plan to revisit that particular sphere just as soon as the current items on the painting table are completed...

Eighty four posts this year (c/w 85, in '12, and 93 in '11!) which is OK (and like last year I'm still surprised I was so prolific - it didn't seem like it at times...) what was a bit of a surprise is that 5 of  my top 10 posts of "all time" (by page views) were written this year...   nice....  not critically important as I write purely*  for pleasure, but just ...  well...   nice....

(* well 90% )

Three table top games this year (compared with seven last year) which is abysmal! Something needs to be done about that...  working long hours I find it very difficult at times to summon up the enthusiasm to set the table up.. much easier to open a beer, light a cigar, and read a good book!

Somewhat unhappily, I find that we have not had a John Corrigan Memorial game this year - I think I need to fire up the Skype and challenge DG as soon as I can...

Games this year were:
Grandson, heir, scion of House Steve the Wargamer, future
second row England rugby international 

...  so much riding on a little persons shoulders!
Three brilliant shows again though - Salute, Colours and Warfare - I also read some fantastic books (36 this year [clicky]) including the life time achievement of actually finishing (and enjoying) "War and Peace" [clicky].

No holiday this year, but that was because I became a Granddad (so a fair exchange I'd say!), but I bought a new boat [clicky],and had a good sailing year [clicky], overall then I definitely say 2013 was a good one!

I don't make New Years resolutions (it's a hobby, not a job so why pressure yourself further with schedules and lists...??) but I did have a couple of random ones throughout the year - one I  achieved (War and Perace) one I haven't yet (re-visit Roundway Down).

Looking back though, what I wanted to do in 2013 was:

~ a little more painting (I wanted to finish the Pz II and the Pz38T, and then balance the WSS forces with some opposition for Lord North and Greys Regiment) - all done... the Pz II post is officially my most popular page of all time.......

~ the same number of table top games as last year if not one or two more - uh oh.... 

~ new year new look - a change to the look and feel of the blog - I'll also freshen up all the project blogs as I go through the year...... done..  I like the current look and feel (which I shamelessly ripped off of a fellow bloggers blog!) so will leave as is for the time being..
~ the main priority at least for the first half of last year was to find a replacement for my old boat... done!

So what about this year??  Just two really..  I'd like to play more games (!!), and I'd like to paint at least one item/unit for each of the periods I play....  but hey...  it's a hobby right?

All the best to you and yours for 2014....!  


  1. May this coming year be even better than the last, sir. And may you find further joy in being a Granddad!

    -- Jeff

    1. Cheers Jeff, hope 2014 is good for you too..

  2. Nice review Steve. Good luck for 2014

  3. Sounds like you had a great 2013, Lets hope 2014 is even better!!

    1. Too right, Ray - already looking forward to Salute!

  4. Happy New Year Steve. Look forward to your posts during the next year.

  5. Great review, congrats on being a grandad! Your boat looks cool, is it a Hurley? Have a good 2014.

    1. Thanks Solo - she is indeed a Hurley (a Hurley 20) of almost unsurpassed loveliness.. :o)

  6. Happy New Year 2014!

  7. Happy New Year, Steve!

  8. Replies
    1. El Grego, i'm late but you will be positively the last person I say Happy New Year to! :o)

  9. Three games! Even I had three games! My work has been invading every spare minute too!

    1. Legatus, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.... :o)