Saturday, February 21, 2015

New range of 15mm Marlburian figures..

Always good news to see a new range of figures come out, especially in a period that "isn't quite so main stream as the others (discuss)" ..

Either way, I saw this on the excellent Wargame News and Terrain Blog [clicky] (which, by the way, is a far nicer place to learn about new ranges/models/terrain and scenery from than TMP..)


Very nice I thought... they have the look of the Black Hat figures and I was much taken with the infantry marching figure..

So I hot footed it to their web site [clicky] and have ordered enough for a battalion - I shall report further with initial impressions of the figures, size comparisons etc. when said figures arrive

Price'wise they are 31p/figure - packs of 8 for £2.50 - Warrior are still the cheapest of those I have in the collection/project, these fit (price'wise) mid-table..

NB. the following were correct as of the beginning December '14 when I last checked....

pence per figure ('ish) Regiment of 24
Minifigs 8 figures for £3.25 0.41 £9.75
Warrior 12 figures for £2.50 0.21 £5.00
Roundway 8 figures for £2.00 0.25 £6.00
Dixon 10 figures for £3.50 0.35 £8.40
Essex 8 figures for £3.30 0.41 £9.90
Black Hat 10 figures for £2.50 0.25 £6.00
Freikorps** 8 figures for £2.70 0.34 £8.10

** from their SYW series


  1. The sculpting reminds me of the old Frontier 15mm line. Nice figures!

    1. Cheers Jonathan... they are quite characterful - certainly got my attention...

  2. Nice looking figures, what's the figure on the right of the 2nd pic doing?? Has he got a wheelbarrow????

    1. Hiya Ray - yeah - with cannonballs in it - got to have a set at some time- that's the artillery crew pack.. thinking they could make good pioneers/engineers as well? I'll do a size comparison when they arrive, and I'll make sure I include some Essex in the mix..

  3. These remind mwe of Steve Royens Hallmark stuff

    1. Andy - I'd not heard of those before - nice figures, but they have a *very* nice range of transport suitable for the period...