Tuesday, June 07, 2016

"One Hour Wargames" - Scenario 8 - "Melee" - Game

..and so on to the battle- see here for Set Up [clicky]... 

As per the last post the forces are double sized (the book allows 6 units per side, we went with twelve) and will be decided by random using the table I presented last time..  first order of the day then was to decide what each us would be using..

DG threw 1, and I threw 6..  DG opted to play as the Allies, and also opted to play as Defender (given his artillery strength, this was a no brainer). I, therefore, was the Franco-Bavarian attacker (which worked out quite well as it allowed me to use the two Bavarian Cuirassier regiments I have, in their proper role/guise)
Die RollInfantryArtilleryHvy 

..and so to the following picture which shows the end of Move 1...

The scenario requires the defender to place four units on the hill before the game starts (remember we are doubling up), no other troops start on the table, since this is a reinforcement battle..

DG opted to place two of his artillery pieces (quelle surprise!) backed up by a couple of battalions of infantry.. on the first move I brought on my first units; six battalions of infantry...

...few moves later - my cavalry is now all on - the mediums are at the bottom of the picture. I was planning to use these to discombobulate DG and give him something to worry about..  hopefully. The heavies are on the far right...

The attack is going fairly well - I was using the wood to provide cover to the infantry - my plan was to send in four battalions as an assault column up the hill, while I used the other couple of battalions and the heavies to protect the flank...  we would see...  

...few moves later and the last of DG's reserves are arriving (top left) - despite appearances the battalion at the bottom is actually French - they're Wild Geese

...those last reinforcements effectively put an end to my attempt at discombobulation, and before I knew it those three cavalry regiments of DG's were discombobulating me!  What is good news is that my heavies are wreaking bloody slaughter on my right flank (top right of the picture) - I'm rolling up a flank - always a wonderful thing for a wargamer - probably because it's so rare in my case!...

...lots of moves later - penultimate move if I remember rightly - start of move as well as those are initiative dice next to the units - blue for me, red for DG. My heavies are on top of the hill facing one of DG's mediums - the assault column is at the foot, and I have one battalion on top - we're heading for a draw..

...and that was it..  draw... neither side with control of the hill...

Post Match Analysis:
  • DG's butchers bill was immense - despite forcing the draw he lost 8 of his 12 units; I think I lost 4 or 5..  another couple of moves and I could have had it
  • The rules worked well on the whole (well done DG!); we both particularly liked the initiative dice "idea" (nothing new under the sun) as it added an entirely new facet to the pre-move deliberations....  "who do you want to move first, and who can wait"... for reference the rule is as follows:
    • Each Turn both Players roll a number of D6 equal the number of units they have 
    • One D6 is allocated to each unit to show the order in which the Player wishes activate them – lowest dice number activates first
    • Units are then activated individually according to their sequence order (see “Unit Activation”)
    • When there are ties (ie. both units have same activation score) then the unit on each side is rolled for again, and the lowest D6 activates first, until the activation sequence for that number is resolved. 
    • If there are multiple units with the same activation, then the unit failing to activate may need to test (and fail) again 
    • Players can agree to waive the right to decide ties when the units activation is not affected by any other units close by
  • We both agreed the melee rules needed a little work...  Neil has decided that infantry didn't charge in this era, only cavalry did - he's clearly well read, but then so (relatively) am I, and Neil and I have come to different conclusions...  


  1. A good read and great looking game Steve. I like dice activation systems, I feel they bring a whole new dynamic to a wargame when you need to plan ahead and decide priorities, and those priorities are constantly changing as the game develops.

    1. Lee, absolutely.. I can see us using these again purely because of that mechanic...

  2. Very enjoyable report. Like you say it's great to roll up a flank

    1. Neil - too right... and all too rare in my case! :o)