Saturday, June 04, 2016

"One Hour Wargames" - Scenario 8 - "Melee" - Set up

DG is down - so an opportunity for a game and more importantly some actual honest to goodness wargaming related content for the blog! "Blimus", as the Lards would say, "about time!"

Having asked DG what he fancied playing as we've had a good run of ACW games, the Memorial game saw a run out of the AWI troops, and the scenario before last was a much needed Sudan game, I was thinking WWII... but back comes DG with "Marlborough, please" and who am I to disappoint... 

So for this game we are going to return to my favourite book of the moment, and this time we are going to play (the next) Scenario #8 "Melee" which is based on the historical battle of Lundy's Lane as originally described by Stuart Asquith in "The War of 1812 - A Campaign Guide to the War with America 1812-1815", and subsequently re-interpreted by Neil...

We'll use the rules from the book, but DG has re-interpreted them, in the same way as he did for the ACW games, but this time for the War of the Spanish Succession - the basic framework however, will be the same as we used for the ACW rules.

Forces will be double sized - the scenario calls for six units a side we'll have 12, and all arrival/reinforcement rules will be exactly the same as written in the book, just double the numbers.. so we'll start with four units on the hill rather than two, etc etc

Force composition will be random using the table in the book with the following proviso's
  • artillery will always be "light" and never more than three pieces...
  • we ignore troop types that don’t apply to the period 
  • one of the columns in the table had no troop types for this specific period so I substituted “Heavy Cavalry” 
Which gets us to:
Die RollInfantryArtilleryHvy 

In addition:
  • all unit morale modifiers will be 0 (for both sides) 
  • no National characteristic bonuses will apply for either side (ie. British/Dutch firing bonus doesn’t apply etc etc) 
So each side will be totally equal, except for the results of the randomised force generator....  

Table is as follows, north is the furthest edge - one hill, one wood, the road, all other terrain is no penalty:

...aerial view.. left is north, or north is left, take your pick.. 


  1. Look forward to reading the battle report

  2. THis is a good one! One of my favorite of the 30 scenarios.

    1. Ta Steve.. it went to the wire... and that's all I'm saying.. :o)