Wednesday, August 24, 2016

American Civil War baggage options expand...

Spotted this on the Newline Designs web site, and as Newline are my manufacturer of choice for the American Civil war project my interest was definitely piqued... 

They have it listed as a general service wagon under their 20mm Colonial listings, but I'm thinking it would fit very nicely with those wagons I bought previously [clicky] from Britannia..

You could use the seated figures from the ACW artillery limber as wagon teamsters...   food for thought indeed... £6.50 to you, sir...


  1. would look to be a good match for the colonies indeed.

    1. Paul - indeed - probably a little pricey - I've also been following up on a particularly interesting plastic kit from a company call imex that Conrad Kinch tipped me off to...

  2. Steve

    I've got the Imex munitions wagon and ambulance set. The wagons are very good, but the horses/mules? I replaced as they are pretty 'orrible. I think the Bluemoon figs fit with 20mm Newline quite well, and they have some very nice wagons indeed!

  3. Mel, thanks for that... I've got Colours coming up so I think I may have a mission to fill out the ACW baggage train... :o)