Friday, August 19, 2016

Mechanizing the British Household Cavalry...

Spotted this on TMP [clicky] and thought - "that looks interesting"..

From the blurb...

"'Everything Worked Like Clockwork…' The Mechanization of British Regular and Household Cavalry 1918-1942 The mechanization of British and Household Cavalry regiments took place between the two World Wars and on into 1942. This book describes the process by which many horsed cavalrymen were re-trained to operate and fight in Armored (sic) Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) and the experiences of some of the men and regiments involved. Extensive use has been made of regimental and War Office archives, and particularly from the Imperial War Museum's sound archives – the oral testimonies of soldiers who had experienced this huge change. A small number of veterans are, or were, still living and were interviewed by the author for this work."

So I went looking for it to buy, and found (as increasingly it seems to these days) that it started off as a doctoral thesis, and is available to download (free) here [clicky]

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