Monday, January 28, 2019

Massive update on the Marlburian (and other) project page(s)..

Just a quick update, to point you to the project pages links on the left... the Marlburian one in particular is huge and has just had a massive overhaul/makeover, with new content, reorganisation, and all prices brought up to date..

While I'm on reduced Facebook rations () I also took the opportunity to put together an 'ACW Naval Project' page - all the project pages have now been done (in terms of review) with the exception of the AWI Page which is next on the list...

Stay tuned..  game report coming, and also troops are leaving the painting table! 


  1. Wonderful looking lines of cavalry, waiting for the game report!

    1. Ta Phil... don't expect lines of cavalry though... if you know what I mean.. ;o)

  2. Some great battles coming your way by the looks of it, I love that Malburian army. looking forward to whatever your table offers up.

  3. You have been busy! Great progress, keep at it.