Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Replacement terrace redux... bargain...

My regular reader may remember this post [clicky] back at the beginning of the year when I had just finished building the 4Ground terraced house that I bought at Warfare last year...

I had a good look on the stand again at this year show as I wanted another terrace at least, but they were only carrying 28mm scale when I was there (must have sold all the 15mm stuff the day before!  ) but purely by chance I was on their website yesterday and noticed they are doing a Black Friday sale offer [clicky]..  25% off with coupon code 19BF4G!!

Fill yer boots...  I have! 


  1. Excellent find! Buy two now!😉

  2. Those are really nice buildings and I plan on buying some once back home for a 20mm metal Bolt Action project. I think they are big enough to work well with the slightly larger scale?

    1. Lee - will get some shots of the terrace and some 20mm figures from my collection and send them over...