Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Catch up...

Just a swift update to let you know what's going on...

You can read over on the 'boat blog' my latest adventures here; don't worry - it was a brilliant afternoon out with lots of sailing, and best of all no damages sustained!

On the wargaming front I've just under coated enough dismounted ACW cavalry to form two regiments (must do some reading - where they known as squadrons or regiments in the ACW?) - no horse holders yet but they'll be coming... also of course the mounted versions of the regiment...

I have an ACW scenario to prepare for thanks to the poll - thanks very much to all who voted, I now have the undoubted pleasure of thinking up a scenario! I suspect that the dismounted cavalry will be required so bear with me..

Elsewhere, and as another adventure, next week I'm going out for the day on an honest to goodness Thames barge called "Alice"..

...looking forward to it immensely; we're due to sail from Portsmouth, over to Cowes on the isle of Wight for lunch, and then back to Portsmouth in time for dinner...

PS. I also haven't forgotten that army review...!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Paddy Griffith...

I've just read that Paddy Griffith has died...

More details here: http://megablitzandmore.blogspot.com

Also on the Miniatures Page here [click here]

We've lost another good one - a truly original thinker - and at far too early an age.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


...lot's of it going on, but little of it directly wargame related... having said that, there are very few things in Steve the Wargamers life aren't vaguely wargame related!!

The good news is that "Papillon" is now back in the water - you can read about it in much more detail here [click here]

.. a huge relief, all in all, as those of you who have followed the trials and tribulations on the "Papillon" blog will be aware of... suffice to say that after 10 weeks off the water I'm damn pleased to be back on it!

The poll voting is really interesting! I thought most of my readers were died in the wool, tricorne wearing, 17th Century'ialists (is there such a word?) - as it turns out the ACW option is running away with it - even with Jeff's shadow additional vote for the Sudan... Either way, there are still a few days to go, so please vote...

I'm hoping to do a full review of the Marlburian troops this weekend - my wife is working Saturday evening so I hope to be able to do it then... looking forward to seeing them all out on the table.. stay tuned!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

...yikes - where did that two weeks go?!

Many apologies for the lack of meaningful updates here over the period - suffice to day that like a lot of you of you I have been overtaken somewhat with work, and other issues - also known as "real life"..

I hit a busy patch at work, but also a busy patch getting the boat repaired - some of you who pop in here more often will know that I had a problem with "Papillon" my little cruiser, well over the last two weeks there has been much to'ing and fro'ing from insurance, repairers, etc etc.

The good news is that she's now repaired... more detail over on my sailing blog (link to the left) but here she is in all her glory...

I'm aiming to put her back in the water next Tuesday (22nd) on the early tide and I can't wait - my Dad is down at the moment so we went down today to give her a solid wash, she's looking almost ready but I have a little work still to do - the sails need to go back on if nothing else!

...and on the wargaming front?? Time to paint some more ACW I think - I saw some zouaves on Matt's blog [click here] and they've kindled my interest! I think it's also time to conduct a review of the Allied and French Marlburian armies - it's been ages since I did it. Lastly, I feel the need to push some lead - DG and I have been playing an ACW game using Battle Chronicler but I feel more of a need to play with some real figures so - there's a poll over there to the side - what period would you prefer?? scuba diving

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Saintonge regiment..

Apologies for the delay - this regiment has been sat there waiting for an appearance on the blog for three or four days now, but have been busy with work, sorting out the boat and general other sundry bits and pieces, and all in all I haven't had time! smiley icons

According to my investigations the Régiment de Saintonge, was raised in the province of the same name, & was formed on September 4, 1684 from the ancient regiment of Navarre (which is interesting as Navarre are one of "les Vieux Corps" - the most senior regiments in the French army - I've seen indications that originally they had three battalions maybe one was taken away to form this regiment??).

Expecting a Coalition to soon form against France, Louis XIV raised 30 new regiments from September 1 to 30 for the defence of the various places of the realm - this regiment was one of them (see also my entries for Foix & Nivernais who were also raised during this period). In 1758 at least, it was ranked 77th in order of seniority...

At Blenheim they served in the Marquis de Bligny's brigade (François le Camus, who was also their nominal Colonel in chief) where they were co-brigaded with the Champagne regiment [click here], Bligny's brigade was in Marechal de Camp Dorrington's Division of Lieutenant General the Marquis de Blainville's Corps in the army of the Elector of Bavaria...

What is good though, is that I think I now have representation for all the regiments in the division, even if not all the battalions, so I must lay on a review soon..

Bligny survived the war to die in August 1755, but for a man of such undoubted importance there is very little information about him or his career. In 1705 the regiment got a new colonel, the Comte de Lannion who commanded until 1719 - there's little information about him either! I know that 3 years after he took command he married Gaëtane de Mornay, and that his name was Anne Bretagne (which threw me before I found out his unused first name was Pierre!). He lived to the age of 52 dying in 1734 but not before making Lieutenant General.. Those are his coat of arms to the right..

These figures are predominantly Black Hat miniatures in (of course) 15mm - lovely figures to paint - especially as the light blue allowed me to try the new Coat d'Arms blue ink I picked up at the Warfare - this is a lighter true blue than the navy ink I've been using for the Union troops - I think it comes out really well... The officers (I think) are Dixon - I put all my officer figures in a single box and just pick out what I need so they're a bit of a hodge podge - I like the look on the face of the officer carrying the spontoon!smiley icons