Friday, July 26, 2019


I was long overdue to add some officer figures to command my nascent regiments and squadrons in the English Civil War project, so over a couple of hours at the end of last month the following were added to the collection..

It's always been my intention to try different figures in this project..  the change is good and part of the fun is seeking out those ranges you've never seen before or tried before, and so it is with these guys...  while Peter Pig will always be the backbone of the project, these are a departure and are by Gallia [clicky]

Bit basic if I am honest, but nice enough..  the guys with the soft hats are standard bearers but without the standard they make a nice 'vanilla' officer figure..

I have enough in the order from Gallia to make an infantry regiment so we shall see this range again in the project..  but in all likelihood, probably not again - stupidly cheap figures, but I can't say I felt the love...  

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Colonel John Innes's Regiment of Dragoons.. part the second...

...and after far too long a delay (I was in Kefalonia for a week reclining on a sunbed and supping Alfa/Amstel/Mythos until it came out of my ears.. (what can I say..  you have to stay hydrated in that kind of heat!) as previously promised here are the dismounted version of the dragoons recently added to the project [clicky]..

Colonel John Innes's line a wall in readiness..

...these re a mix...  some Minifigs sourced on eBay and some Peter Pig..  the horses are Peter Pig and some I found in my spares box (Dixon??)

Pleaesd with them...

...and en complait...  lot of painting involved in a dragoon regiment! 

Friday, July 05, 2019


The sail training Ship El-Mellah (meaning sailor in Arabic) owned by the Algerian Navy was in Portsmouth the other evening just as I happened to be going over to Gosport with the Jolly Boys (Beer Chapter) for a few beers at the Fallen Acorn brewery..

...for me, a bit too much superstructure to be considered truly lovely, but she still looked a fine site...  Polish-built, 110 meters long and 14.5 meters wide, the masts are 54 meters above water line, with a crew of 126 sailors and 84 trainees (for this trip), and this is her maiden voyage..  in the background are the (lower) masts of a considerably older square rigger..  

...and there you go..  three square riggers in one shot albeit the Gosport ferry was doing it's level best to block the view of Warrior.. 

Bear with..  there are painted troops ready to be based if I can get the time and they should be the next post..